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by Swetasree on 09/11/2017
You’d be surprised to know how a snazzy online product catalogue can become a powerful marketing tool. What sets apart a catalogue from other modes of advertisement is its comprehensiveness. Unlike written descriptions or video snippets, catalogues present a complete and accessible picture of all your products and offerings. In addition to serving as an advertorial, they can directly bring in sales.

As a seller, your online product catalogues need to be segmented according to the type of goods you are offering for sale. Therefore, a product catalogue pdf focused on electronic goods should be separate from a catalogue on children’s apparel. This is not only because your products are completely distinct from each other, but your targeted customer base for different products may not overlap. Product specific catalogues also ensure that potential buyers are able to navigate through multiple products of a similar type and explore their options, which could materialize into increased sales.

A product catalogue pdf is very self-explanatory and accessible. For those customers looking for a simple, fuss-free (and ad-free) list of similar products, a product catalogue pdf is ideal. The pdf format also opens on most devices and operating systems. The act of scrolling down a pdf is effortless, and can be accomplished with a single finger. Moreover pdfs can be magnified and minimized as per the viewer’s convenience. The advantage of an online catalogue is that a buyer need not make multiple searches to browse through multiple goods of the same sort. Most often, a potential customer just selects a seller of their choice, and views their catalogue. An added bonus is that if buyers are interested in a specific product catalogue, they can bookmark tit for future reference as well, or possibly even download it to be viewed at their leisure offline.

Product catalogue pdfs are an important part of your direct marketing activities. The cost incurred in making them seems reasonable, especially when compared with the potential benefits they reap. However, the key to maximising sales through an online product catalogue, is to issue new ones every quarter, holiday season and so on, and have products in stock that are specially tailored to the latest trends and customer demand. With catalogues that are holiday-specific, customers can simply browse through the catalogue to find relevant products for their need. For example, if you sell kitchen appliances, make sure your catalogue uses Diwali themed backdrops and content when selling during Diwali season.

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