Starting a business online: How to set-up your paint supply store

A paint supply store is a business

by Francesca on 28/5/2018
Paint stores are an important component in the construction and home improvement business. Consistent demand coupled with limited competition make this an ideal business proposition for aspiring entrepreneurs. When it comes to starting a business online, a paint supply store can be a good idea as you can cater to a larger customer base without investing in a physical store.

Wondering where to begin? Consider these easy steps to learn how to open a paint store online.
Start a business online

Create a sustainable business model

Determine if the paint store you open will be part of a national franchise or if it will operate under a private brand. If you explore franchise opportunities, your initial investment would be low. If you choose to create your own brand, you’ll have to think of additional expenses.

This is an important decision because it will have an impact on other business decisions you make, such as what wholesale supplier you will use, funds you will need, and related factors.

Develop a full-proof business plan

Write a business plan to guide you through the process of opening and running a paint store. Templates for paint store business plans can be obtained online and then filled out with the specific details that pertain to the business you will start. The plan should identify how your online paint store will be managed, list of products and offerings, the policies, advertisement and marketing, customer support services and the likes.

Carefully consider your budget

Create a budget for your paint store. Budgeting is imperative in accurately identifying the capital requirements for your business. Using the information in your business plan, itemise all of the products and equipment that you will need to run your business. Items such as utilities, supplies, salaries and advertising costs should be accounted for in detail.

Once the costs have been identified, you will have a clear understanding of the money that is needed to make your paint store a reality. Many people like to make a three-year budget to show the actual operating costs, since the first year will have added start-up expenses that are not needed in subsequent years. Once your budget is complete and you know how much money is required to start and operate the paint store, you can form a plan of how to raise that money. Taking on a financial partner could be an option.

Supply chain

Establish a supply chain and obtain the starting inventory for your paint store. The supply chain is vital to the success of your business because it is how you will get the products to stock your shelves. If you elected to become part of a national franchise, then the franchise itself will be the supply chain because you will buy everything from them. If you are not part of a supply chain, then you will need to locate wholesalers to buy paint and painting supplies from.

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