7 steps to increase product visibility on Amazon

Being visible to customers is important to get more sales in an online marketplace. Amazon SEO helps you improve your Amazon ranking and product visibility. A lot of factors work together to bring more customer attention to your products. Let’s see what they are.
Imagine you go to a market. There you see many shops. Which one do you go to? Most probably you’ll explore for a while and then head out to shops that showcase better products. You may go to the shops accessible to you, the ones you can find easier without going into the hassles of finding more shops.

Online shopping also works in the same way. People search for a particular product on Amazon and look for some options. Amazon has a plethora of options for them, so they tend to look for the top search results and go for them. Hence, it’s important for sellers to get their attention faster. This is called product visibility. The more your products are visible to customers on their search, the better your chances of conversions are.

So, now the question is how to increase your product visibility? Amazon SEO is your answer.

Amazon SEO or Search Engine Optimization means optimizing and improving your product listing to appear on top of Amazon search results. The better your SEO gets, the higher you go up on the Amazon ranking which gets you higher product visibility and more chances of sales.

Amazon SEO works on various factors to improve your Amazon ranking and product visibility. Let’s have a look.

1. Advertising

Amazon advertising
The fastest way to bring attention to your product is to advertise it. Use Sponsored Ads to promote your products so they get featured in prominent places like at the top of the search results and on other product pages. The more people look at your product, the more they will remember it. Hence, your sponsored ads will also constantly appear on all search result pages to divert traffic and increase your chances of sales.

2. Search optimization

Amazon SEO
While searching for a product, customers type in certain keywords like ‘blue men’s shoes’, ‘cotton sarees for women’, etc. to make their search easy. These words are called Keywords. You can target these words in your product title to improve your visibility.

Your product title should be a maximum of 50 characters. It should contain all the relevant information like the product category, brand, color, size, material or key feature, packaging or quantity, etc., arranged in a fashion that places the most relevant keywords first. This method helps customers understand your product better and your product also gets higher relevance due to the keywords.

3. Optimize your listing

Product Listing
After title optimization, the next thing to optimize is your product page. All the elements of your product page combine together to play a strong role in increasing your visibility.

● Product Description - It’s a great option to provide detailed information on the product and include your keyword in it, helping people land on your product page.
● Bullet points - This is the main highlight of your page as most of the customers go through the bullet points to look at the main features. These points offer an opportunity to boost ranking and increase conversion rates.
● Product images - People can trust a product if they can see it. Hence images become an important part to choose one product over another. Add multiple images from different angles to give the best possible representation of your product.

4. Customer reviews

Customer reviews
Today customer review has become crucial in filtering out products for online shopping. Positive reviews and a good seller reputation has become important. Products with good ratings appear on top search results more frequently as well. Request the customers to drop feedback and review their purchase on factors like how did they like the product, rate the product on different parameters, would they recommend it to others, etc. Keep the communication open with your customers so they feel free to share any feedback.

5. Amazon Prime & FBA

Amazon fba
Most of the customers today have Prime membership. That means they look for Prime products only. Also, Prime ensures free and faster deliveries, which customers prefer. So if you’re not a Prime seller, you may miss out on big sales opportunities.

With time FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) has become synonymous with great customer experience. It ensures safe delivery, easy returns, quick issue resolves, and more. Additionally, people may use the filter for ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ for shopping, owing to its benefits, thus, increasing your chances of getting more visibility and sales.

So register for FBA and become a Prime seller to increase your chances of sales.

6. Stock availability

stock availability
Amazon shows only those products on top results that have sufficient stock. This means if your inventory is empty, people cannot find you easily. This can be a major loss as by the time you replenish your inventory you may miss some sales opportunities. Hence, never let your inventory run out of stock. Make it a routine to track your inventory through your Seller Central account and replenish the products beforehand.

7. Pricing strategy

selling online representation of online store
Product price has a strong influence on your conversions and sales. You need to keep your price lower than or equal to your competitors because customers may look for lower prices and the best deals. Having a lower price also increases your chance to win the Buy Box, which significantly increases your chances of more sales.

Always being present in front of the customer’s eyes is important. Regular customers may start noticing you and look for your products as they start trusting your products and services. These steps are more important for new sellers who’re looking to establish their stand in the marketplace. Become an Amazon seller today and start making progress using these product visibility tips.
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