Go Green with paper cup manufacturing

Entrepreneurial opportunities are here

by Sukanya on 28/11/2016
If International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) prediction is to be believed, India would emerge as Asia’s third largest economy by 2019. It is not a matter of surprise that country’s fast growing economy has seen a rise in the number of malls, international food chains, cafes, etc.

Scores of coffee shops opening up in our neighbourhoods stand a testimony to that claim. Even though as a small-time investor, building your own cafe may seem like a hectic task, there are ways in which you can utilise this opportunity for building your own business. If you’re thinking how, read on to find out.
Go Green with paper cup manufacturing

Paper cups for the win

Most coffee shops have done away with cumbersome glassware when it comes to serving coffee to their customers. Instead, they make use of paper cups and fountains on a daily basis. This, alongside the government’s ban on the usage of non-biodegradable plastic glasses, has been instrumental in creating a surge in paper cup demand. Paper cups have many utilities, such as:
These are eco-friendly and therefore can be used as a replacement for a plastic cup.
These are cheap so fit perfectly as a use and throw option.
These are low maintainance, sturdy and convenient to use.
These come in many varieties, shapes, and sizes.
These are recyclable.

In short, the demand versus utility factor of paper cups is sure to sky-rocket its sale in the coming years. The shift towards paper cups is already a reality; the difference is evident in most of the metropolitan cities as the manufacturers have reportedly mentioned that the demand of paper cups has gone through the roof.

Entrepreneurial opportunities

India is the land of festivities and celebrations. There is some festival celebrated everyday in some region of the country. Such occasions generate a substantial demand for paper cups in bulk quantity.

Moreover, the emergence of the hospitality industry as well the shopping mall culture in India can be considered major reasons for the rise in the demand of paper cups. If you are willing to be a paper cup manufacturer, now is a good time to start.

Technology has improved the quality of life. The feasibility of using the digital medium in marketing and selling products has paved the way for profitable opportunities for entrepreneurs. So, if you are a paper cup manufacturer, looking to expand your business on a different platform, e-commerce should be your preferred space. It helps you to reach out to a wide customer base globally.

Amazon – your staircase to success

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