Best business ideas for women during Diwali

If you are a woman looking to start an online business or explore newer product categories within your existing business currently, then this may be just the article for you!

The festival of lights is not just an occasion that brings joy and a cause for celebration. While being one of the most auspicious festivals in the country, Diwali is also the most awaited time of the year for business owners or those who plan on starting one. This is because it is when people all over India are looking to splurge the most compared to the rest of the year.
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But why?

The answer is festive season sales! Products are listed at discounted rates and feature attractive offers. During this period, customers flock to platforms like Amazon to buy products in massive quantities. Infact, more than 21,500 sellers who were a part of Amazon’s Great Indian Festival in 2021 recorded a 3X spike in sales.

Surely, this must have given you an idea of how selling online can prove to be highly profitable during the festive season. But we do understand that finding those products that might just sell right can be difficult.

But do not worry, since we have come up with some business ideas you can explore during Diwali that will make sure to leave your pockets heavy!

1. Fashionable or Festive Garments

Clothes are an evergreen category of products that you just cannot go wrong with. It is also one of the most sold products online during the festive season. There are several choices in clothing that you can explore. These include modern and fashionable clothing or festive and traditional clothing.

If you are looking to build a unique brand identity, you can also consider selling sustainable clothing, or recyclable apparel. However, as a product that is likely to attract customers from every part of the country, it is important that you have an efficient logistics system in place. Services like FBA(Fulfilment by Amazon) can help here, as they take care of the logistics side of your company completely. To learn more about this service, click here.
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2. Jewellery and Accessories

It is safe to say that we Indians have an undying love for jewelry and related accessories. Fortunately, Diwali being an opportunity to don traditional outfits, also brings with it, a great demand for jewelry. However, selling these on Amazon can prove to be quite profitable, as jewelry items tend to be bought not only during Diwali in particular but for various other occasions too.
Selling handmade jewelry can be inexpensive and highly rewarding at the same time. So if you have some amazing designs in mind, then it might be time to set up shop!
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3. Lanterns and Diyas

The name “Festival of Lights” says it all. Diwali is incomplete without neighbourhoods completely lit up with diyas and or lanterns hanging on people’s windows. Naturally, the demand for these items skyrockets during the festival. To stand out from the rest of your competition, you can also create diyas of various shapes or designs; or lanterns with multiple attractive lighting patterns.
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4. Sweets and Snacks

Diwali is almost synonymous with sweets in India. Even the idea of Diwali means an instant urge for sweets of every kind. People have traditionally bought sweets consistently for several decades during the festival from their favorite “mithai valas”. However, now that e-commerce has taken the center stage in catering to customers more conveniently, it might be your time to shine!
So if you are someone with amazing recipes that have received compliments before, then it probably is the right time to sell them all over India.
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5. Worship Materials

Diwali, while celebrated widely by everyone irrespective of state or religion, includes several programs. As an auspicious occasion, there is high demand for materials needed for worship all across the country. These may include products like floor lamps, camphor, incense sticks, or materials generally used in temples.

The demand for authentic and traditional products for such instances has been increasing too, even during other months of the year. While Indians definitely look for these products, you may also get orders from a huge number of international buyers, since our culture is being embraced by a wider audience every day. Global Selling by Amazon can be of great help for such types of orders. You can learn more about Global Selling by clicking here.

Now that you have an idea of what kind of businesses you could consider to gain maximum profits this season, here is an extra tip from our side. Selling on Amazon will give you access to Amazon Saheli, which is a program you absolutely cannot miss out on.

Amazon Saheli is an initiative by Amazon to empower women entrepreneurs in India. Benefits of opting for this program include a subsidized referral fee, personalized training for a quick start, marketing support, account management support, increased customer visibility, etc.
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While Amazon Saheli surely is a great program that can help you scale your business and take it to the next level, there is a wide variety of other program choices available on Amazon too. However, to get started, you will need to start your business by registering on Amazon today!
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