How to control the quality of your products sold online

Amazon Transparency and Product Control Program
A brand is created by winning customers’ trust. It is not built in a day. It takes patience and consistency in quality to reach there. Yes, quality should be the top priority for any business - be it online or offline. That’s the key to keep bringing loyal customers and more sales. After all, having a good night’s sleep for a businessman means having an assurance that the business is running fine and there’s no risk or fear of losing money.

Why is quality control important?

“Quality is remembered even after the price is forgotten.”

That’s why quality is important; to make a long-lasting impact. People may forget everything about your products, but not the quality. This drives them back to buy more. Buyers prefer quality above anything else, even price. Big brands can sell the same products at a higher price because they ensure quality. Poor quality products ruin the brand reputation.

Another reason for maintaining quality online is fake products. There may be chances that there are fake products available online. This may damage your brand name as the buyers may get those cheap fake products instead of the genuine ones. So it becomes the seller’s responsibility to ensure quality to their buyers. Making sure that there are no fake products is crucial to maintain transparency.

But how? Don’t worry. Amazon is here to help you out, like always. Your job is to keep producing quality products and our job is to ensure that your buyers get genuine products. We take care of this by starting Amazon’s Transparency Program. The program helps in distinguishing the fake products from the original ones. This reduces the chances of fraud to the buyers.

How does the program work?

How does Transparency Work?
The Amazon Transparency Program ensures that your customers get genuine products, via a Transparency Code system. In a nutshell, here’s how it works:

Step 1: Enroll your products into the Amazon Transparency Program.
Step 2: The registered brands get Transparency codes for each of their products.
Step 3: While shipping, Amazon ensures that the codes are being scanned to ship only authentic products.
Step 4: The customers can use their Transparency application to check whether the product received is authentic or not. They’ll see a green checkmark for every authentic product.
Authenticity verification with the Transparency app

How does the program solve the problem?

1. Identifying fake products

Solving the primary issue, the fake products will not have the unique codes provided by the brands, meaning those products are probably from fake sellers. Any product which does not have the unique Transparency code will not be shipped to the buyers. This will prevent the delivery of fake or counterfeit products. It simplifies the whole process for the buyers, thus, guaranteeing a better customer experience.
Identify fake products

2. More detailed information to the buyers

Amazon Transparency gives brands the opportunity to offer additional lucrative details. Buyers tend to look for in-depth information (like manufacturing date, price, where it was manufactured, etc.) before making a buying decision. Through your Transparency code, you can now provide as much information as possible on the product. The buyers can simply scan the code to know more about the product, rather than searching for it online. Authenticity brings in more discussions about the product, leading to customer satisfaction, and ultimately, chances of making more sales.
Detailed information to the buyers

3. Bringing Payment Transparency

The program also provides the power in the hands of brands to provide complete and accurate pricing information. The buyers can see detailed product pricing by scanning the product transparency code. This will help in eliminating any miscellaneous charges that might show up while checking out.

Transparency program eliminates the fake products which are sold at a much cheaper price. This gives the advantage of selling the product at a fair price and having a healthy competition with authentic brands only.
Bring Payment Transparency

4. Control over Brand

We keep stressing about how loyalty is the most important factor in building a brand. The more loyal buyers you have, the more recommendations your products get, the more people believe in your products and hence, the chances of making more sales. Buyers also need to realize that online shopping is a safer and secure option. That’s the motive behind starting this program. Amazon is determined to provide the best quality products and services. Verifying products under the Transparency program brings in loyalty, and providing all possible information on the product helps in establishing the brand value.
Control Over Brand

5. For brands fulfilling their own orders (on FBA)

For us, all our brands are equally important. Brands utilizing FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) are required to provide the transparency code for each Transparency-registered product that they send to the Amazon Fulfillment Centers. These codes will then be verified by Amazon to authenticate the shipment to the buyers.
Fulfillment by Amazon
The ultimate goal is to deliver quality products to the customers. Amazon product quality is the top priority for the brand. The program is a new one and is slowly establishing anti-counterfeit solutions. It gives a chance to the online businesses to use additional details about their products which might help in assuring Amazon transparency and streamlining the warranty claims and user experience. In the end, the program ensures quality selling, bringing brand recognition, and chances of making more sales and profit.
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