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The Indian business landscape has transformed considerably, thanks to the introduction and growing popularity of e-commerce. Over the years, both small enterprises and major corporations alike have ventured into online selling, achieving notable success.

Crucial to this e-commerce boom were online marketplaces, which helped Indian sellers gain access to a pool of potential customers as soon as they set up their stores. Currently catering to crores of customers across the nation, the marketplace was also a key contributor to this booming e-commerce space.

But for those aspiring to initiate their online venture on, how does one take the first steps?

Well, that is exactly what we are here to help you with! To help you learn about the registration process, step by step so that we can assist in helping your aspiration of selling online into a reality with your very own store.
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Setting up your store on may take some time, but it's a fairly simple process if you know how to do it. So, let's go through each step one by one.

Step 1 : Start Registering

To get started, go to and click on the 'Start Selling' option you will find on the homepage. Now, once you land on the next page, you need to remember this:
For Existing or Prime Video Customers:
If you're already a customer on or Prime Video, you can effortlessly initiate the process of creating a seller account using your existing email and password. After logging in with these credentials, you'll be prompted to verify your phone number through an OTP.

For New Users or Those Without an Account:
If you're new to or simply wish to establish a new seller account, select 'Create your account'. On the next page, provide your name, mobile number, and email address, and set up a password. Then, click on ‘Continue’

Now you are set to start filling out information to get about your business. So make sure to keep all the required information and documents handy!

Step 2 : Provide GST Details and Verify Them

After successfully creating your account, the next step will be to enter your registered Goods and Services Tax (GST) number. Please ensure that you enter it accurately, and then click on “Confirm to Verify”.

However, if you intend to sell products that are tax exempt, such as books or Bangles, you won't need to provide any details in this section. Simply select the option that states "I only sell non-GST categories, like books, etc." This way, you can proceed without entering a GST number.

Step 3 : Verify GST Number

If you entered your GST number in the previous step and clicked on ''Continue to verify', you are required to upload the GSTIN certificate (Reg-06 with Annexure A and Annexure B) of your business on the next screen.

GST verification can take up to 72 hours. You can continue with the remaining registration steps while the documents are being reviewed.

Step 4 : Enter the Name of your Store

Whether you're entirely new to selling or an experienced entrepreneur venturing into the e-commerce realm with, you have the flexibility to use either the name of your existing business or select a completely new one. even provides auto-generated name suggestions if you're struggling to come up with one on your own. You will also have the chance to change your business name from settings later if you wish to do so. Regardless of your choice, just keep in mind that your business name is what your customers will first associate with you. It may be an opportunity to make a positive impression!

Step 5 : Add Your Pickup Address Details

Your products need to be picked up to be delivered to your customers, which means that you will be required to have a designated pickup point. For this, you can choose the address from your GST information, which will be provided as an option already.

If you want to use a different location, you can easily add it by clicking on 'Add new address' in your account settings on Seller Central. Keep in mind, though, that while the pickup address can be changed later, it must still be in the same state as mentioned in your GST registration.

Step 6 : Choose Your Preferred Shipping Method

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Shipping your products
Every seller on has two options for shipping their products. This means you can conveniently decide if you wish to take the help of or rely on other options to deliver your products. These two options are:

Easy Ship:
With Easy Ship, takes care of the delivery process. You store and pack your orders at your pickup location, and picks up and delivers them to your customers. Keep in mind that there will be additional fees for this service, such as weight handling fees and pick and pack fees.

Self Ship:
With Self Ship, you handle the entire shipping process. This means you store, pack, and ship your products yourself or use third-party services to deliver your products to the customers.
The more you know - If you opt for Easy Ship, you have the choice to either incorporate delivery charges into the product price, provide free delivery to customers, or maintain them as separate costs.

Step 7 : Provide Bank Details

Next, you'll need to furnish the bank details of your active business account. Double-check the accuracy of this information.

Keep in mind that this is the bank account you'll be using for your business operations. It is where will transfer the earnings from your successful online sales, after deducting any applicable charges.

Step 8 : Start Listing

Next, enter your correct Default GST rate. If you need help click on the ‘Tax Calculation Methodology’ option below to learn about the default GST rate. While you may not necessarily have all the products ready right before launching your store on, it's crucial to have at least one product prepared for listing, as this is a mandatory step to launch your business on

Click on the 'Add products and start selling' option, which will then prompt you to enter product details like photos, descriptions, prices, and more. It may be a good idea to make sure that these details are clear, concise, and appealing to potential customers. Once you've listed at least one product, you'll be able to launch your store.

Step 9 : Time to Launch!

Once you've completed listing your product, you'll have officially registered with as a seller. Click on the "Start Selling" button.

You can begin exploring the wide range of programs and tools that has to offer. Whilst each of them might have its eligibility criteria and purpose, you can leverage the ones that match your brand well, and stand a chance to optimize your selling strategy and enhance your overall Amazon experience.

Now that you have an understanding of how to initiate your launch, let's explore some recommendations for what to do after the launch. Here are some considerations you can ensure your business starts on the right foot!

Optimise Listings

Earn up to Rs 10,000
Optimise Listing
Ensuring your listings are optimized on may play a pivotal role in potentially generating sales. It starts by elevating visibility in the sea of products and heightening the chances of capturing potential customers, which can be highly beneficial for you as a new seller.

Listings that are well-organized, enriched with good keywords, and feature engaging descriptions also elevate search rankings, driving organic traffic. An optimized listing may also mean higher visibility in relevant search results, effectively reaching your target audience.

Transparent, informative content solidifies the credibility of a product, alleviating doubts and ultimately leading to increased conversions.

Provide Offers or Discounts

Everyone loves discounts or offers. From price markdowns to special offers like buy 1 get 1, it not only entices customers but also leaves a lasting impression of your store on The attractive deals that they avail may even contribute to better brand recall. This, in turn, could help in driving up product sales and potentially fostering a base of satisfied, returning customers who appreciate not only your offers but also the quality of your products.

Leverage With Sponsored Ads

Your products' visibility can be potentially increased on Amazon with Sponsored Ads. It's critical to get your products in front of potential clients in the congested marketplace. Here's where sponsored ads come in; they let you put your products front and centre and draw in customers who are specifically looking for something similar to what you sell.

After you launch your business Amazon gives advertising credits worth ₹1000 to boost the visibility of your products with Sponsored Ads. Ads can give your products an extra push, placing them in prominent positions on search result pages. This increased visibility gives your product a chance to lead to more clicks, more views, and ultimately more sales.

Run Effective Promotions

As we discussed earlier about the potential of social media marketing, it's equally important to explore additional avenues for precise audience targeting. offers an array of tools and features to assist in this regard. A highly effective strategy, especially at the outset, is leveraging Ads for promotional activities.

Through this service, you can design ads in various formats including sponsored products, sponsored brand videos, brand stores, and sponsored ads, all to drive sales among customers. This empowers you to create finely-tuned campaigns honing in on customers actively seeking products on’s marketplaces.
Earn up to Rs 10,000
Running advertisements & promotions
With Ads, you're able to directly engage with potential customers right when they're on the cusp of making a purchase. Your advertisement is prominently featured on the app or website as soon as they open it, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.

Implementing strategies like these may catapult your business from being just another new online store to becoming the go-to choose for many customers.

But why choose at all?

As a seller, you might find yourself juggling various aspects of the business, from delivery to customer service. can be a great fit here, as it not only handles these elements but also offers a range of tools and programs to elevate your business even further.

With its extensive reach, delivering 100% of India's serviceable pin codes, and the aforementioned benefits, provides an ideal platform to kickstart your online selling venture. So don't delay; seize the opportunity, and begin your journey as a seller on today!
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