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Manage key Seller Central operations through a service provider

by Arshiya Dey and Karthick Praveen on 08/11/2016
Managing key Seller Central operations through a service provider
When you sell online, you benefit from the abundance of convenience it brings to your lives. You have more family time, do not have to wake up early to open a shop, reduced travel time to work and much more time to focus on the growth of your business. However, as your orders start to surge drastically you may need additional help. When a country like India prepares to shop for a wedding, a festival, or even a simple function you have got to be prepared. And, as an Amazon seller, you can always seek assistance from our third party service provider network. These third party service providers offer a variety of services covering your requirements across all channels. One such highly beneficial service is Amazon Boost.

Amazon Boost is a service offered by third party service providers to sellers with an aim to simplify online selling. As a seller, you can use this service to manage key Seller Central operations through a service provider. The benefits are immense - reduced fixed costs (no cost for employing, hiring and training people to help you run the business), more focus on core business areas, and better time management among a few. Eventually it will help you meet the timelines by dispatching your orders on time, build your relationship with the buyer, earn better customer feedback, get higher ratings, improve your ODR (Order Defect Rate) metrics and more. This service primarily improves your efficiency of managing the Seller Central account so that you can focus on areas such as acquisition of products; cost negotiation, product selection expansion etc. You can avail this service from any part of the country via phone or email as the service provider does not necessarily have to be at the same location as yours.

The Amazon Boost packages on offer are:
Account Health Management: Helping you maintain healthy performance metrics by managing customer communication, A-Z claims, returns & refunds, help with seeking customer feedback.

Everyday operations: Helping you manage inventory price & quantity refresh, new product listing, order confirmations, FBA shipment creations, shipment label generation.

Deals & promotions: Helping you configure inbuilt promotions along with lightning deals.

Repricing: Giving you price insights to help you price your products competitively.

Complete sales boost package: Helping you increase sales through sponsored products, help with FBA account creation & new category expansion.

Suspended? Get back: Helping you create a robust plan of action in case your account gets suspended due to performance issues.

To start using Amazon Boost you can click here. The third party service provider may charge a nominal cost either as monthly subscription fees or as a percentage of sales. To benefit from this service, you need to be an active Amazon seller. Even if you are a new seller and think you need help, you can click here to start selling on Amazon today.
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