3 programs by Amazon to ensure growth during the 2022 festive sale

The festive season in India has always been extravagant and is expected to be more so this year since the pandemic finally ended. It is that one time of the year when customers from every part of the country are looking for products to buy. Operating your business efficiently and with the right strategy will ensure not just great sales, but also a lasting reputation as a seller.
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Amazon is a no-brainer when it comes to selling during the festive season. As the biggest e-commerce platform in the country, Amazon is already one of the best options for a seller to begin their e-commerce journey. On top of that, the festive season becomes another reason to opt for Amazon, due to The Great Indian Festival. This festive sale by Amazon is one of the biggest shopping events in the country and has been the cause of several successful businesses today.

However, this may not essentially be the case for every business. The festive season may attract crores of customers every day, but it also hosts a huge number of sellers. Thus, it can become difficult for every business to succeed right away. More often than not, they have to compete with existing sellers, who have been in the industry for long and know their way around generating sales.

So what can you do as a new seller, to be able to keep up with them, and grow your business despite such intense competition?
-Well, that is exactly what we are here to help you with. Listed below are three category-wise-dedicated seller programs that will help you with a much-needed edge over your competition.

Amazon Saheli

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True to its name, Amazon Saheli is exactly what it sounds like to budding women entrepreneurs- A helpful friend. Created specifically for women-centric businesses, Amazon Saheli is a program that looks to contribute to helping these women entrepreneurs.

Free imaging and cataloging, account management, subsidized referral fee, and onboarding training support are some of the main benefits provided by Amazon Saheli. Since the main idea of the initiative is to provide a larger market reach to the women sellers and generate more employment opportunities, it has partnered with several groups and initiatives. These include the likes of Sewa, National urban livelihood mission, Tata power, etc.
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Amazon Saheli has already helped thousands of women entrepreneurs in India to actualize their dream of growing their own businesses, while also facilitating employment opportunities. Since its launch in 2017 by Amazon, Amazon Saheli has managed to work with the above-mentioned partners to touch the lives of more than 10 lakh entrepreneurs.

Amazon Karigar

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Amazon Karigar too, targets a specific category of sellers similar to Saheli. It aims to empower the artisans of India and allows them to run successful online businesses. Program benefits for Karigar include also include free imaging and cataloging, account management, subsidized referral fee, and onboarding training support.

Diwali can be a massive opportunity for sellers who operate businesses belonging to this category. Since the festival creates a lot of demand for handmade products, it can be a very smart decision to take advantage of Karigar to further increase sales.
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As a sector that had previously taken a huge blow due to the entry of major players into the e-commerce industry, several artisans of India now operate successful businesses, thanks to Karigar. It has partnered with organizations like Harit Khadi, Kusum, Tribes India, APCO, etc to make this possible. Currently, Karigar works with 28+ government agencies and has managed to touch the lives of more than 12 lakh Indian artisans.

Amazon Launchpad

This program can be easily dubbed as a springboard for businesses. The main idea of Amazon Launchpad is to help startups, emerging brands, or MSMEs get enhanced visibility and support. Take an instance- You are a business that has a market-ready, consumer-facing, physical product which you are ready to sell. If you feel like all you need now is a jumpstart, then that is exactly where Amazon Launchpad can help.
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business positively. These benefits include launch support, branded content, brand protection, Analytical insights, marketing, and premium access to an ever-evolving suite of tools by Amazon. You can learn more about how to get started with Launchpad here.

Festive sales are a period where sellers are actively participating in every possible way to sell their products and reap maximum profits. At such a time, you can use Launchpad to create a much more planned and effective selling strategy that could potentially convert to sales.

As three dedicated programs for various focused business categories, Saheli, Karigar, and Launchpad are some of the best initiatives by Amazon for its sellers. However, these are not the only ones in Amazon’s arsenal. It boasts of more such selling programs, that aim to solve various problems for sellers and ensure an efficient and profitable business for them.

So now that you know what programs to get started with to make the most out of the festive season, why wait? Set your shop up and start selling today by registering now!
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