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What is Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA)?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is an all-in-one solution to sell your products to Amazon customers. When you become an Amazon seller and use FBA, all you need to do is send your products to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. The rest is on us. We store your products, and when a customer places an order, we take care of packing, shipping, and delivering the product to the customer’s doorstep. The FBA also gives your products the Prime Badge and offers same-day or next-day delivery for eligible customers. We also handle returns and customer support queries for you.

Customers Prefer Prime Products customers look for products with the Prime Badge because it represents fast, free shipping and reliable customer service. Fulfillment by Amazon makes your offers more visible and competitive, giving you access to crores of our loyal Prime customers. Fulfillment by Amazon also increases your chance for winning the Offer Display, which appears with the “Add to Cart” option when customers click on a product they wish to buy. As a Prime seller, you can also participate in Prime Day, an annual shopping festival exclusively for Prime customers and sellers.
Amazon FBA Prime Badge

Amazon jargon:

Fulfillment Center

Fulfillment Centers are integral to Amazon's advanced, global fulfillment network that lets you store your products safely with us. Fulfilment Centers store your products, which are then packed and shipped to your customers upon the receipt of orders.

Offer: Try FBA for FREE*

FBA specific fees waiver offer
You can try FBA for the first 3 months or the first 100 units and get free transportation, storage and anytime removals. We are, also offering a limited time waiver on Inbound charges to FCs, Storage fees and Removal charges so that you can Try FBA at no additional cost!
*(Referral Fee+ Closing Fee + Weight Handling Fee) is regular selling on Amazon fees and is NOT free. Please refer offer validity section for more details
What are the fees being waived off in this offer?
If you are new to FBA, we will waive off FBA specific fees for the first 100 units or first 3 months (whichever comes earlier).
During this period, you don’t have to pay for Inbound transportation fee to FC via ATS (when you choose “FBA pickup by ATS - Amazon Transportation Services” during shipment creation), Storage Fees and Removal fees.
  • We pick up your shipment from your doorstep for FREE
  • We store your products in our Fulfillment Centre (FC) for FREE
  • And you can remove it anytime for FREE
Example (for illustrative purposes):
Here is a comparison of Easy Ship and FBA Fees for a feature phone (non-Android mobile Phone)
Nokia 105
Product Info: Nokia 105 (2019)
Product size category: Small
Unit weight: 300 gms
Shipping distance: National
Storage fees/unit: ₹ 3 (we charge ₹ 33/cubic foot/ month)
Listing price on ₹ 1000
Fee Type
Easy Ship
Try FBA*
Your product price on
Standard Sell on Amazon Charges
Referral*(5% for mobile phones)
Closing Fee
Shipping/Weight Handling Fee
FBA Specific Charges
Transportation to FC
Storage in FC
Pick & Pack Fee
Removals (if needed)
Total Amazon Fee
Fee percentage
*Subject to conditions & validity of offer mentioned. The example mentioned above is for illustration purpose and charges may vary. Kindly refer seller central for more details
How will the fee waivers be applied?
  • Transportation to FC charges – The discount will be given upfront when you choose 'Amazon inbound Pick-up Service (ATS)'. The charges will be shown as Zero for the first 100 units or first 3 months. The inbound discount is capped to Rs 1000.
  • Storage & Removals Fees – You will not be charged for Storage and Removal fee for the first 100 units or first 3 months.
  • Please note that the removal discount will be applicable post 24 hours of launch on FBA. Also, Pick and pack fee will continue to be charged as usual.
What are the conditions and validity of Try FBA for Free offer?
You can avail the Try FBA for Free offer under these conditions:
  • The offer is valid only for sellers trying Fulfillment by Amazon for the first time (i.e., never sent any shipment to fulfillment centre till date). Your 3 months trial period starts on the date we receive your first shipment in Amazon Fulfillment Centre (FC).
  • You can avail the fee waivers only for the first 100 units or for 3 months (whichever is earlier) from the date your first shipment is sent to the FC. First shipment has to be a minimum of 10 units.
  • You need to schedule an appointment using 'Amazon inbound Pick-up Service (ATS)' to avail Inbound charge waiver. You can have multiple free inbound shipments over 3 months of trial period (till you reach 100 units). The inbound discount is capped to Rs 1000.
  • At any time (within the offer period) if you wish to remove your products from the Amazon FC, the removal fee will also be waived off as a part of this offer.
  • Inbound charges, storage and removal fees are the FBA specific fees/charges being waved off as a part of this offer. Referral fees, Closing Fee, Weight handling fees and any additional charges like seeking 3rd party services for getting warehouse address added in GST (APOB) will continue to be charged as per usual.

How does FBA work?

Fulfillment by Amazon can help eliminate your fulfillment headaches and help you scale your business.

Step 1

Register as a Amazon Seller and list your products
Register as an Seller and login to Seller Central to set up your account. Update your business details and add your product listings on

Step 2

Join FBA & send your products to an Amazon Fulfillment Center
Once you have listed your products, you can sign up for Amazon FBA where you will have to share additional details, add your chosen Amazon Fulfillment Centers (FC) as Additional Place of Business (APOB). You can then ship your products to the Amazon FCs

Step 3

Get orders for your Prime products
Your FBA products will have the Prime Badge. You will also have a better shot at winning the Offer Display which increases your chance to receive more orders quickly. Once an order is placed, Amazon will pack your products immediately and get them ready for delivery.

Step 4

Amazon delivers your products to customers
Through our world class fulfillment network delivering to 99% of India's pin codes, we will deliver your products to the customer quickly and reliably along with tracking of shipment. Happy customers mean a better chance to receive a 5-star rating and more orders.
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Dheepakh RajaramGoodness Pet Food

Benefits of FBA

Prime Benefits - Amazon Prime Badge
Amazon Prime Badge
Display the Prime Badge on eligible products and give your customer options for free unlimited one- or two-day delivery. Premium delivery options increases customer demand and loyalty.
Prime Benefits - Business Focus
Focus on your Business
We store your inventory and take care of shipping your products to customers so that you can focus on your business.
Prime Benefits - Flexible rate structure
Pay as you go
FBA's flexible rate structure means you only pay for the services you use - no additional subscription fees, no minimum units, and no start-up fees
Prime Benefits - Building Trust
Build Trust
Customers trust Amazon's world class packaging, shipping, customer service, and returns - and now your brand can benefit this trust
Prime Benefits - Business Growth
No Growing Pains
Even when your sales increase through Amazon, you don’t need to worry about inventory space, manpower for managing, packing, and delivering orders.
Prime Benefits - Customers come back for more
Coming back for more
With FBA, we take care of your customer service and returns for products sold on Amazon. Your products will be eligible for Free Delivery through Amazon. You can also easily send your products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers using Amazon trained transporters who can pick up products from your doorstep.
Prime Benefits - Pay on delivery
Pay on delivery payments
With Pay on Delivery (also known as Cash on Delivery) being extensively used in India, you can fulfill your orders using Pay on Delivery facility through FBA. The funds get deposited directly in your bank account.
Prime Benefits - Increase in Sales
Increase in sales
Fulfillment by Amazon helps you increase your online sales by giving access to Amazon’s world-class fulfillment resources.
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Calculating your FBA Fees

You can determine the approximate FBA fees you will be charged per peroduct sold with the following 4 easy steps. As shown in the comparison table above, FBA automatically enables the Prime badge for your products. Sellers have seen sales of upto 3X when switching to FBA.
Please note theat the below fees mentioned are indicative. The final fee you will be subject to will be dependent on multiple factors such as product category, size, weight, volumetric weight, additional services availed, etc.

Step 1: Choose your category and find your Referral Fee

Choose your product category from the list below to determine your referral fee.

Referral Fees Table


Referral Fee Percentage

Automotive, Car & Accessories
Automotive - Helmets, Oils & Lubricants, Batteries, Pressure washer, Vacuum cleaner, Air Freshener, Air purifiers and Vehicle Tools
Automotive - Tyres & Rims
Automotive Vehicles - 2-Wheelers, 4-Wheelers and Electric Vehicles
Automotive – Car and Bike parts, Brakes, Styling and body fittings, Transmission, Engine parts, Exhaust systems, Interior fitting, Suspension and Wipers
Automotive - Other Subcategories
Automotive – Cleaning kits (Sponges, Brush, Duster, Cloths and liquids), Car interior & exterior care (Waxes, polish, Shampoo and other), Car and Bike Lighting and Paints
Automotive Accessories (Floor Mats, Seat/Car/Bike Covers) and Riding Gear (Face Covers and Gloves)
Car Electronics Devices
Car Electronics Accessories
Baby Products, Toys & Education
Baby Products - Other Products
6.0% for item price <=1000
8.0% for item price >1000
Baby Hardlines - Swings, Bouncers and Rockers, Carriers, Walkers
Baby Safety - Guards & Locks
Baby Room Décor
Baby Furniture
Baby Car Seats & Accessories
Baby Strollers, Buggies & Prams
Craft Materials
9.50% for item price <=1000
11% for item price >1000
Toys - Drones
Toys - Balloons and Soft Toys
Books, Music, Movies, Video Games, Entertainment
2% for item price <=250
4% for item price >250 and <=500
9% for item price >500 and <=1000
12.5% for item price > 1000
Musical Instruments (excluding Guitars and Keyboards)
Musical Instruments - Guitars
Musical Instruments - Keyboards
Musical Instruments - DJ & VJ Equipment,
Recording and Computer,
Cables & Leads,
PA & Stage
Video Games - Online game services
Video Games - Accessories
9% for item price <=500,
12% for item price > 500
Video Games - Consoles
Video Games
Industrial, Medical, Scientific Supplies & Office Products
Business and Industrial Supplies - Robotics, Lab supplies, Soldering equipment, Personal Protective equipment (excluding masks) and PPE kits
· 11.5% upto INR 150000
· 5% more than INR 15000
Janitorial & Sanitation (Cleaners & deodorisers, Mops/buckets, tissues & wipes, commercial vacuum cleaners, dispensers etc.), Medical and Healthcare supplies
Prescription Medicine
Weighing Scales - BISS and Kitchen
10.5% for item price <=500
12.0% for item price > 500
Business and Industrial Supplies - Material Handling Equipment, Janitorial & Sanitation, Medical & Dental Supplies, Commercial kitchen and refrigeration Equipment
Business and Industrial Supplies -Power tools & accessories, Welding machines, Microscopes, Industrial Electrical products
Occupational Safety Supplies (Mask, gloves, Safety shoes, Face shields & other PPE products)
Business and Industrial Supplies - Testing & Measuring instruments, Tapes & Adhesives, Packaging material, 3D printer, Thermal printer and Barcode scanner
· 8% upto INR 15000
· 5% more than INR 15000
Office Products
Office Products - Machines & Electronic Devices
Clothing, Fashion, Fashion Accessories, Jewellery, Luggage, Shoes
Apparel - Accessories
14% for item price <= 300
18% for item price > 300
Apparel - Sweat Shirts and Jackets
13% for item price <= 300
20% for item price > 300
Apparel - Shorts
14% for item price <= 300
17% for item price > 300 and <=1000
19% for item price > 1000
Apparel - Womens' Kurtas, Kurtis and Salwar Suits
15% for item price <= 300
16.5% for item price > 300 and <=1000
18.0% for item price > 1000
Apparel - Other innerwear
12.5% for item price <= 500
12% for item price > 500
Apparel - Sleepwear
Apparel - Other Products
14% for item price <= 300
16.5% for item price > 300 and <=1000
18% for item price > 1000
Apparel - Sarees and Dress Materials
10.5% for item price <=300
18% for item price > 300
Apparel - Men's T-shirts (except Polos, Tank tops and full sleeve tops)
17% for item price <= 500
15% for item price > 500
Apparel - Womens' Innerwear / Lingerie
12.5% for item price <= 500
11% for item price > 500
12% for item price <= 500
9% for item price > 500
Eyewear - Sunglasses, Frames and zero power eye glasses
Fashion Jewellery
22.5% for item price <= 1000
24% for item price > 1000
Fine Jewellery - Gold Coins
Fine Jewellery - studded
Fine Jewellery - unstudded and solitaire
Flip Flops, Fashion Sandals and Slippers
9% for item price <= 500
12.5% for item price > 500
12.5% for item price <= 500
9.5% for item price > 500
Luggage - Suitcase & Trolleys
Luggage - Travel Accessories
11% for item price <= 500
10% for item price > 500
Luggage - Other Subcategories
Silver Jewellery
14% for item price <=1000
15% for item price > 1000
Kids footwear
6% for item price <= 500
14% for item price > 500
Shoes - Sandals & Floaters
Electronics (Camera, Mobile, PC, Wireless) & Accessories
Cables - Electronics, PC, Wireless
Camera Accessories
Camera Lenses
Camera and Camcorder
Cases, Covers, Skins, Screen Guards
3% for item price <=150
18% for item price > 150 and <=300
20% for item price > 300 and <= 500
25% for item price > 500
Electronic Accessories (Electronics, PC & Wireless)
Electronic Devices (except TV, Camera & Camcorder, Camera Lenses and Accessories, GPS Devices, Speakers)
Entertainment Collectibles
· 13% upto INR 300
· 17% more than INR 300
Fashion Smartwatches
GPS Devices
Hard Disks
Headsets, Headphones and Earphones
Keyboards and Mouse
Kindle Accessories
Laptop Bags & Sleeves
12% for item price <= 500
9% for item price > 500
Laptop and Camera Battery
Memory Cards
Mobile Phones & Tablets (including Graphic Tablets)
Modems & Networking Devices
PC Components (RAM, Motherboards)
Power Banks
Printers & Scanners
Software Products
Landline Phones
USB Flash Drives (Pen Drives)
Projectors, Home Theatre Systems, Binoculars and Telescopes
Grocery, Food & Pet Supplies
Grocery and Gourmet - Other Products
4.0% for item price <=500
5.5% for item price >500 and <=1000
9.5% for item price > 1000
Grocery and Gourmet - Hampers and gifting
6.0% for item price <=1000
9.5% for item price > 1000
Pet Products
· 6.5% upto INR 250
· 11% more than INR 250
Health, Beauty, Personal Care & Personal Care Appliances
Beauty - Fragrance
8.5% for item price <=250
13.0% for item price >250
Beauty Products
Facial steamers
Prescription Medicine
Health & Personal Care (HPC) - Medical Equipment & Contact Lens
Health and Personal Care - Ayurvedic products, Oral care, hand sanitizers, Pooja supplies
6.0% for item price <=500
8.0% for item price >500
Health & Personal Care (HPC) - Nutrition
Health & Personal Care (HPC) - Other Subcategories
Health and Personal Care - Other Household Supplies
3.5% for item price <=500
6.5% for item price >500
Health and Personal Care - Contact lens and reading glasses
Luxury Beauty
Car Cradles, Lens Kits and Tablet Cases
Personal Care Appliances - Electric Massagers
9.5% for item price <=1000
12.0% for item price > 1000
Personal Care Appliances (Grooming & Styling)
Personal Care Appliances - Glucometer and Glucometer Strips
Personal Care Appliances - Thermometers
Personal Care Appliances - Weighing Scales and Fat Analyzers
10.5% for item price <=500
12.0% for item price > 500
Personal Care Appliances - Other Products
Home, Décor, Home Improvement, Furniture, Outdoor, Lawn & Garden
Bean Bags & Inflatables
14.50% for item price <= 15000
10.00% for item price > 15000
Home - Fragrance & Candles
Carpets, Bedsheets, Blankets and covers
6% for item price <= 500
10.5% for item price > 500
Home Furnishing
12% for item price <= 1000
13% for item price > 1000
Home improvement - Wallpapers
Home improvement (excl. accessories), including Home Security Systems
Ladders, Kitchen and Bath fixtures
Home Storage
10% for item price <= 300
13% for item price > 300
Home - Other Subcategories
Home - Waste & Recycling
Home - Posters
Indoor Lighting - Others
Indoor Lighting – Wall, ceiling fixture lights, lamp bases, lamp shades and Smart Lighting
LED Bulbs and Battens
Cushion Covers
Slipcovers and Kitchen Linens
Lawn & Garden - Commercial Agricultural Products
Lawn & Garden- Chemical Pest Control, Mosquito nets, Bird control, Plant protection, Foggers
6% for item price <= 1000
8% for item price > 1000
Lawn & Garden - Solar Devices (Panels, Inverters, Charge controller, Battery, Lights, Solar gadgets)
Lawn and Garden - Planters, Fertilisers, Watering and other subcategories
13% for item price <= 300
10% for item price > 300 and <=15000
5% for item price > 15000
Lawn and Garden - Plants, Seeds & Bulbs
9% for item price <=500
10% for item price > 500
Lawn & Garden - Outdoor equipments (Saws, Lawn Mowers, Cultivator, Tiller, String Trimmers, Water Pumps, Generators, Barbeque Grills, Greenhouses)
Kitchen, Large & Small Appliances
Kitchen- Non Appliances (including Glassware and Ceramicware)
6% for item price <= 300
11.5% for item price > 300
Kitchen - Glassware & Ceramicware
6% for item price <= 300
11.5% for item price > 300
Kitchen - Gas Stoves & Pressure Cookers
Large Appliances (excl. Accessories, Refrigerators and Chimneys)
Large Appliances - Accessories
Large Appliances - Chimneys
Large Appliances – Refrigerators
Small Appliances
5.5% for item price <=5000
6.5% for item price > 5000
Fans and Robotic Vacuums
5.5% for item price <=3000
7% for item price > 3000
Sports, Gym & Sporting Equipment
Gym Equipments
"Sports- Cricket and Badminton Equipments,
Tennis, Table Tennis , Squash,
Football, Volleyball, Basketball , Throwball,
Sports - Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Throwball
Sports - Tennis, Table Tennis & Squash
Sports - Swimming
Sports & Outdoors - Footwear
14% for item price <=1000
15% for item price > 1000
Sports & Outdoors - Other Products
9% for item price <=250
11.5% for item price > 250
Coin Collectibles
Consumable Physical Gift Card
Fine Art
Silver Coins & Bars
Sports Collectibles
· 13% upto INR 300
· 17% more than INR 300
Wall Art
Warranty Services

Step 2: Determine your Closing Fee

Based on your product price, determine your closing fee

Item Price Range (INR)

All Categories

Categories with exception*

₹ 0 - 250
₹ 25
₹ 12*Lower Fees
₹ 251 - 500
₹ 20
₹ 12**Lower Fees
₹ 501 - 1000
₹ 18
₹ 18
₹ 1000+
₹ 35
₹ 35

Step 3: Calculate your Fulfillment Fees

Fulfillment Fees depends on the weight and dimension of your product and shipping distance.
Choose your Size to calculate your Shipping Fees & Other Fees (Pick & Pack Fee + Storage Fee)
Fee structure for Standard Size items
FBA Fulfilment Fees

Pick & Pack Fee (per unit)

₹ 11

Storage Fee (per cubic foot/month)

₹ 33

Shipping Fee (weight handling fee)

As per the table
FBA (Non-Seller Flex) Weight handling fee (INR per shipment)*

Size band


First 500 gms
Each additional 500g upto 1 kg
Each additional kg after 1 kg
Each additional kg upto 5 kg
Fee structure for Oversize Heavy & Bulky items
H&B Items-
• Item requires special handling during pickup, delivery & installation.
Max (Length, Width, Height) > 72” or 183 CMs Or Weight > 22.5 kg or Girth > 118” or 300 CMs #Girth = [Length + 2*(Width + Height)]

FBA Fullfilment Fees

Pick & Pack Fee (per unit)

₹ 50

Storage Fee (per cubic foot/month)

₹ 33

Shipping Fee (weigt handling fee)

As per the table
FBA (Non-Seller Flex) Weight handling fee (INR per shipment)*

Size band

Heavy and Bulky

First 12 kgs
Each additional kg after 12 kg

Step 4: Calculate your Total Fees

Add the above mentioned fees (Step 1, 2 and 3) and apply 18% GST

Total Fee = Referral Fee + Closing Fee + Fulfillment Fee + Tax (18%)
Small Product: Camera Lens
Product Info:
Dimensions: 11.7 x 7.7 x 7.7 cm
Unit weight: 0.25 kg
Listing price on Amazon: ₹ 18,900
How to calculate fees for this product:
Step 1: Referral fee = 7% * 18900 = ₹ 1323
Step 2: Closing Fee = ₹ 35
Step 3: Product Type: Standard
Shipping Fee & Other Fees = ₹40
Fee w/o Tax = 1323+35+40 = ₹ 1398 i.e 7.4%
• Fees shown in the table above is displayed excluding applicable taxes. Amazon will charge 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on all fees displayed above.
• Shipping fee is computed based on the outbound shipping weight which is Aggregated Billing weight of all units in the shipment + Packaging weight. We will use 100gm as the Packaging weight for Standard shipments & 500gm as the Packaging weight for Heavy Bulky shipment.
• Billing weight is defined as the higher of actual weight or volumetric weight.
• Volumetric Weight is calculated using the formula, (Length x Width x Height) divided by 5000 to get the Volumetric Weight of a unit in kilograms. Length, Width and Height are all in centimeters.
• For the below mentioned categories, if the actual weight is less than 1kg and volumetric weight is more than 2 times actual weight, then the billing weight would be capped at 2 times the actual weight.
• Consumables - Baby Products, Baby Hardlines - Swings, Bouncers and Rockers, Carriers, Walkers, Baby Safety - Guards & Locks, Baby Room Décor, Baby Furniture, Baby Car Seats & Accessories, Baby Strollers, Buggies & Prams,Toys,Toys – Drones; Softlines - Apparel, Apparel - Sarees and Dress Materials,Apparel - Men's T-shirts (except Polos, Tank tops and full sleeve tops),Apparel Accessories,Apparel - Innerwear,Apparel - Sleepwear, Eyewear, Shoes, Flip Flops, Fashion Sandals and Slippers, Kids footwear, Handbags, Wallets, Backpacks, Luggage - Suitcase and Trolleys, Luggage - Travel Accessories, Luggage (other subcategories).
• Pick & Pack fee and Weight handling shipping fee will not be charged for Standard sized shipments priced over INR 20,000 (zero-fee fulfilment).
• Weight handling fee applicable for all export shipments under Exports by Amazon will be charged as per national rates.
• Long-Term Storage Fees: Additional charges for inventory stored in the Amazon fulfilment centres for more than six months will be applicable in accordance with policies.

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