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Discover Customize Your Product Feature

Customize Your Product is a feature by which sellers can enable buyers on to customize products with their text, images, logos or from a list of options the seller provides for customization.

Available customization options

The Customize Your Product feature supports three customization types shown below: text, image, and product configuration. If you are able to fulfill orders with these customization types, register today and start selling customizable products on
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Text customization
Text customization allows customers to add text to products using color and font options sellers have specified within Seller Central.
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Image customization
Image customization enables customers to customize products by uploading images. The customer may also add text to display on the image.
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Product configuration
Product configuration enables sellers to create a series of drop-down customization options through Seller Central that customers can use to personalize products. Sellers may also charge an additional price, at their discretion, for specific customization options.
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How it works

Step 1

Register to join
Register to add this Feature to your account.

This Feature is only available for products listed under Merchant Fulfilled network (MFN) and EasyShip Products.

Step 2

Enable your listings
Once your account is registered for this feature, you may enable your product listings for customization.

Step 3

Set up your experience
Using the listing tool within Seller Central, configure your customization experiences and add customization options for customers.

Step 4

Start selling
When your customizable product listings are live, reach hundreds of customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after I apply will I be notified of approval?
Approvals are typically sent within 1 hour via email with links to help get you started. If you're not accepted, you will be notified upon submitting the application.
Can I use FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) to fulfill my customized orders?
Due to the customization aspect of these products, all orders must be fulfilled by you, the seller. FBA is currently unavailable for customized products.
Do the feature support bulk feed uploads?
Yes, this feature supports specific feed files that you can use to update customizations across all your products listings eligible for adding this Feature.
Can I list in any category?
This Feature is currently available for all product types mentioned here.
What are the costs associated with using this feature?
You may add this Feature to your account without any additional fees or charges. However, closing and referral fees will still apply for products where you have enabled this Feature. For more information on fees, see Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule.
How will shoppers discover my customizable products?
Customizable products are treated like any other listings at Amazon, so discovery is no different.
Can I use this feature to personalize products for businesses with their logo?
Yes, the image customization feature is a great way for businesses to design a product with their logo.
How many different customizations am I able to offer the custom?
All customization types (text, image, and options) can be used simultaneously across one product listing. We currently offer 5 surfaces with 10 customizations per surface, and up to 100 options.
Where can I go to learn more about setting up the customization experience?
You can get started with our main Customize Your Product Feature help page in Seller Central.

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