Self-ship your products with Amazon Buy Shipping

Amazon Buy Shipping helps you ship your products from India to the US, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia directly through Amazon Seller Central.
Self-ship your products with Amazon Buy Shipping

What is Amazon Buy Shipping?

Amazon Buy Shipping is Amazon's logistics solution where you can purchase shipping labels from Amazon partnered carriers in a cost-effective manner for delivery of your orders. Once the partnered carrier picks up your shipment, they will handle end-to-end shipping, including customs clearance.

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Integration into Amazon Seller Central

Integration into Amazon Seller Central Account

You can book shipments directly from Seller Central account. No need to visit the carrier’s portals for any shipment bookings
Amazon-facilitated easy shipping

Fully tracked solution

Automatic shipping confirmation for orders without having to manually re-enter the tracking ID, while ensuring 100% Valid Tracking Rate (VTR). You can also track the shipments through Seller Central itself.
Amazon-negotiated rates

Competitive rates

Amazon Buy Shipping offers competitive pricing to sellers across carrier partners.
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Door-to-door pickup and delivery

Amazon Buy Shipping integrated carrier will pick up the shipment from your doorstep and deliver it to the customer address. Customs clearance for your shipments will be done through courier mode (CSB -V).
Commercially cleared

Protection from A-to-Z guarantee claims

When you book shipment using Amazon Buy Shipping and handover the package within the committed timeframe, you are protected against claims where a customer reports problem with delivery (e.g., lost in transit or delayed). Amazon will cover the cost of these claims and they will not affect your order defect rate.

Amazon Buy Shipping carriers

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Transit time and rate:
• 3-5 business days from India to the UAE and approx. ₹350+GST
• 4-6 business days from India to Saudi Arabia and approx. ₹600+GST 500g package
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Transit Time: 5-8 business days from India to the US
Rate: Approx. ₹1230+GST for 500g package
It’s easy to create labels through Amazon Buy Shipping than manual process on carrier portal. It saves time and decreases chances of error while preparing label in an automatic way. Also, rates are better than offline rates.
VinKal Management and Consultancy LLP
I used to process orders to the UAE and Saudi Arabia earlier through a manual process. It used to take half an hour to process one order making it hectic if I get 10+ orders. With Amazon Buy Shipping, I can book 10 orders in 10 minutes. It’s a fantastic service.
Royal House

Start shipping in 6 steps

Step 1
Visit carrier via Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN) and click on ‘Contact Provider’ button.
Step 2
In the pop-up window, enter keyword ‘BUYSHIPPING’ and click on ‘Submit Request’.
Step 3
Carrier POC will reach out to you for account creation and compliance document collection.
Step 4
Wait for email confirmation from Amazon (usually takes 3-4 working days after account creation) regarding Amazon Buy Shipping activation.
Step 5
Log in to Seller Central and visit Manage Orders page.
Step 6
Click on Buy Shipping button against your order and start shipping through Amazon Buy Shipping.
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Ship from India to the US through our Offline Partnered Carrier Program

To help you choose from a range of shipping solutions with Amazon negotiated rates, superior tracking, and dedicated carrier support, we are collaborating with following shipping solution providers. Click on the marketplace to get in touch and raise a contact provider request:
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Shipping Setting Automation

Optimize delivery promise for your shipments from India to the US.
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Seller Fulfilled Returns

Manage your seller fulfilled returns in the US with Domestic Returns Address Update Program.
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Ship your products around the world with Amazon Buy Shipping

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