Top exported products from India: A guide on top 5 exports from India

Find out what the top exported products from India are in this blog – from leather and apparel to consumables and beauty.
What to Export from India
In today’s global market, e-commerce exports presents a huge opportunity for Indian exporters. Learn about the top 5 product categories that are leading India’s export surge in this blog post.

Cross-border e-commerce is a powerful engine that is driving India’s export-led economic growth and entry into international markets. From apparel to home textiles, leather, and herbal beauty products, ‘Made in India’ products are now highly sought after and valued by millions of customers around the world. In this blog post, we will explore the 5 top-performing product categories for Indian exporters selling on Amazon international marketplaces.

Growing exports from India

The potential of e-commerce exports in India is immense. As per a report by the Global Trade Research Institute (GTRI), global B2C e-commerce exports is set to increase from $800 billion to $8 trillion by 2030.1 With over 2.71 billion online shoppers worldwide, cross-border e-commerce presents a significant opportunity for Indian businesses to tap into global markets.2

Moreover, e-commerce has democratized export opportunities, enabling Indian MSMEs and D2C startups to bypass traditional barriers and effortlessly reach international buyers. On Amazon Global Selling, we have 125,000 registered exporters from 28 states, 7 union territories, 200+ cities, and 5,300 pin codes across India (as at the end of 2022).

This expansion is particularly notable among exporters from smaller cities and towns in India, who are achieving significant growth and international recognition. For instance, exporters from Haridwar, Uttarakhand, achieved over $23 million in sales in 2022 on Amazon Global Selling, while those from Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, surpassed $13 million in sales the same year.

Top Amazon global marketplaces for Indian exporters

● The US
● The UK
● Canada
● France
● Spain
● Italy

Top-performing product categories on Amazon Global Selling



India's furniture market is a thriving industry that is projected to reach a revenue of INR $5.31 billion by 2024.3 A variety of raw materials are used to produce furniture in India, including wood, plastic, cane, and bamboo. While wooden furniture accounts for 65% of the total furniture manufactured in India, metal and plastic furniture are slowly gaining global recognition for their innovative designs.4 On Amazon Global Selling, the furniture category saw over 20% YoY sales growth in 2022, highlighting this sector’s immense growth potential.


In FY 2022-23, the Indian toy industry experienced an impressive 239% increase in exports compared to FY 2014-15. This growth is driven by India's integration into the global toy value chain, coupled with zero-duty market access for domestically made toys, and the rising adoption of technology and e-commerce. By cultivating partnerships, investing in branding, and collaborating with regional artisans, toy manufacturers in India can transform the country into a leading global toy hub.5 The sector’s growth is evident on Amazon Global Selling too, with the toy category witnessing a 50% YoY sales increase in 2022.


The demand for Indian-origin cosmetics and beauty products has grown steadily in recent years. In 2023, the export value of cosmetics, soap and toiletries, and essential oils from India amounted to nearly $2.7 billion.6 Additionally, the rising preference for organic and natural skincare products has boosted the global demand for ayurvedic facial oils, hair care products, and herbal items like neem-based products that are made in India.7 On Amazon Global Selling, the beauty category witnessed a significant 25% YoY growth in 2022.


As travel aspirations rise, so does the demand for premium luggage and bags. With an anticipated annual growth rate of 5.21% (CAGR 2024-2028),8 the luggage market offers a promising opportunity for exporters. From bags and backpacks to trolleys and suitcases, Indian exporters can cater to global demand and capitalize on the increasing trend of travel enthusiasts seeking quality luggage solutions. On Amazon Global Selling, the luggage category saw a 20% YoY growth in sales in 2022, which highlights the growing potential of this sector.


The export of kitchen products, including cookware, serveware, and kitchen textiles, is on the rise in India. With increasing global demand, sellers nationwide are eager to tap into the export market. Notably, there's a significant rise in demand for Indian-made stainless steel utensils, prized for their durability and hygienic attributes.9 This surge highlights the potential for Indian exporters to meet international preferences and establish a strong presence in the global kitchenware market. On Amazon Global Selling, the kitchen products category saw over 35% YoY growth in 2022.

Emerging product categories on Amazon Global Selling

In addition to the product categories discussed above, the following categories are also rising in growth and popularity on Amazon Global Selling:

● Apparel
● Jewellery
● Home
● Health and personal care
● Grocery
● Office products
● Sports

Indian business owners who want to launch or scale their export business can consider any of the above product categories for entry into international marketplaces. With substantial growth and demand on Amazon international marketplaces, these categories offer Indian businesses a pathway to international success and market presence.

Due to the rapid growth of cross-border e-commerce, exporters from anywhere in India can now access global markets and sell internationally without having to worry about the complexities associated with traditional exports. For comprehensive support on e-commerce export compliance and logistics, exporters can leverage the tools and services offered by Amazon Global Selling.

Amazon Global Selling: Easy e-commerce exports and hassle-free shipping

If you are a business owner and you want to sell your products to the world, Amazon Global Selling enables you to list and sell ‘Made in India’ products on 18 Amazon global marketplaces. As an e-commerce exports program, Amazon Global Selling provides support and guidance at every step of your exports journey – documents and licenses, logistics, payments, advertising, and more.

Registered sellers can choose to ship their products by themselves through Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) or they can opt for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and outsource order fulfillment to Amazon including packing, storage, delivery, and returns. Amazon Global Selling simplifies the process of international shipping to the world, helping businesses navigate customs and reach a vast audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I export from India?
When considering exports from India, it is essential to leverage the country's strengths in various sectors. High-quality textiles and herbal beauty products have a strong global demand. Additionally, India's craftsmanship in sectors like toys, luggage, and furniture presents lucrative export opportunities for Indian businesses.
What does India export to the USA?
As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, India’s exports to the United States has risen significantly in recent years. Top products exported from India to the US include textiles and apparel, gems and jewellery, and electronic goods, among others.10
What documents are required to export from India?
Exporters are required to obtain and submit a list of documents to ensure their business meets the required regulations for hassle-free exports. Whether it is registration, shipping, or tax, different licenses are required depending on the product category being exported, the destination country, and the origin country (India). The four key documents required to start an export business from India are as follows:
● Importer Exporter Code (IEC)
● Authorized Dealer (AD) Code
● Letter of Undertaking (LUT)
● Importer on Record (IOR)
What are the most profitable products to export from India?
Determining the most profitable products to export from India depends on factors such as the destination country, the type of product, and logistical considerations. Profitability varies based on these factors and requires thorough market research and analysis. Top-performing product categories for Indian sellers on Amazon Global Selling include furniture, toys, beauty, kitchen, and luggage.
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End-to-end logistics support

If you've opted for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you can ship your products from India to Amazon global fulfillment centers through Amazon Global Selling SEND — a cross-border carrier shipping solution. Once the partnered carrier picks up your shipment, they will handle the end-to-end shipping process, including customs.
Published on April 25, 2021.


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