How to ship internationally from India to Europe?

Learn how to ship internationally from India to Europe in this guide — from documents required and compliance to selling your products in Europe.
How to ship internationally from India to Europe
In recent years, the growth of e-commerce in Europe has been phenomenal, fundamentally reshaping the landscape of international trade. This surge is a golden opportunity for Indian businesses, as Europe represents not just a vast market, but also a gateway to a diverse consumer base. India, with its rich tapestry of goods ranging from textiles to technology, has much to offer and much to gain from this flourishing European market.

The significance of Europe as a trade partner for India cannot be overstated. With its robust economies, high purchasing power, and openness to diverse products, Europe presents a lucrative destination for Indian exporters. Understanding how to navigate the complexities of international shipping is paramount for businesses looking to capitalize on the burgeoning Indo-European trade relations.

Key parties/ persons involved in international shipping from India to Europe

Navigating the complex process of international shipping from India to Europe involves several key players such as1:

Exporters/ senders:

These are the businesses or individuals in India initiating the shipping process. They are responsible for preparing the goods, ensuring proper packaging, and providing accurate documentation.

Importers/ receivers in Europe

The counterparts to exporters, these are the individuals or entities in Europe who will receive the shipment. They are often responsible for handling import duties, taxes, and compliance with local regulations.

Freight forwarders:

Acting as intermediaries, freight forwarders possess expertise in logistics and assist in navigating the complexities of international shipping. They help in choosing the right carrier, managing shipping routes, and ensuring compliance with various shipping regulations.

Shipping carriers:

These are the companies that physically transport the goods from India to Europe. They can be air freight carriers, shipping lines, or road transport companies, depending on the mode of transport chosen.

Customs brokers:

Specialized in customs clearance procedures, customs brokers facilitate the smooth passage of goods through customs in both India and Europe. They assist in preparing and submitting necessary documents and ensuring compliance with all customs regulations.

Insurance providers:

Given the risks associated when you ship to Europe, insurance providers play a critical role. They offer coverage options to protect the goods against loss or damage during transit.

Regulatory bodies:

These include various government agencies in India and Europe responsible for enforcing trade policies, customs regulations, and shipping standards. Compliance with their regulations is mandatory for all shipments.

Local handling agents:

In many cases, especially in sea and air freight, local handling agents are involved in the loading, unloading, and storage of goods at ports and airports.

Step-by-step guide to ship internationally from India to Europe

Here’s an expanded step-by-step guide to help simplify this process2:

Research and select a carrier:

Begin by researching various carriers that specialize in international shipments from India to Europe. Consider factors like cost, transit time, service routes, and reliability.

Understand customs requirements:

Each country in Europe has its own set of customs rules and regulations. Familiarize yourself with these requirements to avoid any shipping delays. This involves understanding tariff classifications, taxes, and duties applicable to your goods.

Prepare documentation:

Accurate and complete documentation is crucial. This includes preparing an invoice, export packing list, Certificate of Origin (COO), and any other required documents. The invoice should detail the contents of the shipment, export value, and destination address, while the packing list should include weight and volume details.

Pack your goods properly:

Proper packaging is essential to protect your goods during transit. Consider the nature of your goods and use quality materials to prevent damage.

Arrange for pickup or delivery to carrier:

Once your goods are ready, arrange for them to be picked up by the carrier or deliver them to the carrier’s facility. Make sure to adhere to the carrier's guidelines for pickup or drop-off.

Insurance for your shipment:

Considering insurance is important as it protects against loss or damage during transit. Many carriers offer insurance options, but you can also seek third-party insurance providers.

Track your shipment:

Utilize the tracking systems provided by the carrier to monitor your shipment’s journey. This will help you provide updates to the recipient and be aware of any delays or issues.

Receive and clear goods at destination:

The recipient or a designated agent will need to clear the goods through customs in the destination country. This may involve paying duties and taxes, and presenting necessary documentation.

List of prohibited goods when shipping from India to Europe

It’s critical to be aware of items prohibited from shipment from India to Europe. These include3:

· Live animals: Includes all animals, from insects to pets.
· Dangerous goods: Includes explosives, flammable liquids, hazardous materials, and radioactive materials.
· Weapons and ammunition: Includes firearms, knives, swords, and any other item that could be used as a weapon.
· Illegal drugs and narcotics
· Counterfeit goods: Includes fake designer goods, pirated software, and any other item that infringes on someone else's intellectual property.
· Currency: Most countries have restrictions on how much cash you can import or export.
· Ivory and other endangered animal products

The landscape of international shipping and trade is evolving rapidly, with e-commerce driving significant changes. As trade between India and Europe flourishes, Indian businesses looking for a cost-effective and uncomplicated method for exporting to Europe can consider e-commerce exports. This can help Indian businesses thrive in European markets without worrying about the significant capital investments and complexities associated with traditional exports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shipping from India to Europe take?
The duration depends on the shipping method (air or sea) and the specific European destination. Air freight typically takes 5-10 days, while sea freight can take 20-45 days.
Can you courier medicines from India to Europe?
Yes, but it requires adherence to strict regulations. Medicines must be legally approved in both India and the destination country, and proper documentation and prescriptions must accompany them.4
What are the courier charges from India to Europe?
Shipping costs to Europe vary based on the courier service, package weight, dimensions, and shipping speed. It is best to get quotes from different couriers for the most accurate pricing.
What is the cheapest way to send a package from India to Europe?
The cheapest method is usually sea freight for larger or less urgent shipments. For smaller parcels, economy services from courier companies offer lower rates but longer delivery times.
What items can be couriered from India to Europe?
Most non-prohibited items like clothing, handicrafts, books, and some electronics can be shipped from India to Europe. It's important to check both Indian export regulations and European import restrictions before shipping.
Published on February 20, 2024.


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