How to check bill of entry status on ICEGATE: A step-by-step guide

You can check the status of a bill of entry (BOE) on the ICEGATE portal by providing the port code and BOE. Learn how in this blog.
bill of entry status
All export goods must go through a specific set of procedures as stated by the Customs Office to ensure that authorities are charging the right taxes while checking consignments. This includes examination, assessment and evaluation of the goods. To allow the authorities to correctly and accurately inspect imported products, every consignment is made available with a set of official documents that contain all the details about the consignment. The bill of entry is one such important document.

It is submitted to the Customs department, so the clearance procedure is completed without any hindrance. Once a bill of entry is filed, the importer can claim ITC (Input Tax Credit) on goods. The filing of the bill of entry is done by an importer or Clearing House Agent (CHA).

Importance of checking bill of entry status

Bill of entry plays a crucial role in determining applicable tax levied on the exporter. The status is also important in determining the compensation cess collected during import and the IRC for the IGST.2

How to check bill of entry status online?

A bill of entry enables the government to maintain a record of the flow of goods to and from the country. With ICEGATE, filing a bill of entry has become easier. You can easily check the status of bill of entry on its portal1.

Step 1: Provide the location using the port code.
Step 2: Enter BOE number.
Step 3: Enter date and click on submit.

Step 1:

Go to the GST official website.
Screenshot of the Goods And Services Tax (GST) website

Step 2:

On the GST homepage, click the Services tab. A drop-down will occur, then click User Services > Search BOE Option.
Screenshot of Services > user service of the GST website and Search BOE section is highlighted in red.

Step 3:

Then, the Search BOE records page is displayed.
Screenshot of the search BOE Records section on the GST website.

Step 4:

In this, enter the port code, BOE number, BOE date, and reference date. Click on the ‘Search’ button.

Note: The reference date is the date when the products have been cleared from customs (passed out of the customs charge). The reference date will either be charge date, Duty payment date, or amendment date, whichever is later.

Step 5:

Search results are displayed on your screen.
Screenshot of the search BOE Records section of GST website and an example of search result is highlighted in red.

Step 5.1:

a) You can click on the ‘Query ICEGATE’ button to generate the on-demand fetching of the latest BoE records from ICEGATE. In case the most recent records are not available on the GST portal.
b) You can click on the ‘Reset’ button to reset the data entered in the fields.

Step 5:

History of fetched Bill of Entry details from ICEGATE, along with the status of the query, are displayed. You can click the ‘BACK’ button to go back to the Search Bill of Entry Records page.

What contents does a bill of entry have?

Some of the major components in a bill of entry form are:
• Name and business address of importer, Customs House Agent
• Monetary value and description of the goods
• Name and business address of the exporter
• Destination port
• Importer’s license number
• Rate payable and import duty’s value
• Port code (A BOE number contains 13 digits – the first of which are Port Codes)
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Frequently Asked Questions

What should be checked in a Bill of Entry?
The importer’s IGST, GST and custom duty details are checked in a Bill of Entry.
Can a Bill of Entry be cancelled?
Yes, a Bill of Entry can be cancelled. Just click cancel the Bill of Entry related to the purchase order on the ICEGATE portal.
How many types of the BOE are there?
There are three types of BOE4:
I) BOE for house consumption
II) BOE for warehousing
III) BOE for Ex-bonds Goods
Who provides or issues a Bill of Entry?
Bill of Entry is a formal and legal document that an importer files with the customs department to get clearance.
How do I get a copy of the Bill of Entry?
The copy of Bill of Entry can be obtained from the official website of ICEGATE. The importer can also approach the authorized bank to get an attested or certified copy of the Bill of Entry.
Published on September 30, 2022.


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